• What they say: Oh little star of Bethnal Green... In thy dark streets shineth, the everlasting light. Radiant, heavenly, omnipresent yet uniquely magnificent - stars present a genuinely common theme, visible to all, floating in the firmament all around the globe. So individual, yet so coherent. So Bunch-like.

    Malcolm Garrett, RDI

  • Bunch have been integral to the development of my business for the last 6 years. Whether it has been designing an iconic logo for The Star of Bethnal Green pub, coming up with creative print and on-line campaigns for our mulletover events or creating a versatile website for our on-line magazine The Ransom Note, they have always come up with eye catching and creative designs. It is always a pleasure to work with Denis and his team.

    Rob Star

  • I think they must have some kind of a brain scanner at Bunch, they seem to know exactly what you're after. Every time I worked with Bunch I never got what I wanted. I got much more.

    Kreso Kapulica
    Kapulica Studio

  • Empathy is not easy to put into practice in a market where dozens of design companies offer 'canned' products, ready to be used for any client, Bunch knew how to present us solutions close to our way of seeing the world. Sensibility, multiculturalism and professionalism were essential to the outstanding result. Obrigado.

    Factor Activo

  • Working with Bunch was a singular experience for us while bringing a high end concept of luxury retail from the international point of view to a challenging Croatian market. These guys just made it happen for us in an utterly frank, creative and respectful manner. Cosmopolitan and therefore aiming exclusively towards the best, they shared with us not only criteria and standards, but also sincerity and ease. We are looking forward for new sparkles of excellence from these creative individuals we are happy to consider not only partners, but also friends.

    Institut Parfumeur Flores