• What they say: The brief was to animate an in-growing hair eating its way up a poor man's insides. For a short film festival we're curating about illnesses and injuries. Not your everyday brief. Boys and girls at Bunch delivered an amazing graphic interpretation. Then Bunch aren't your everyday designers. Respect.

    Dave Anderson

  • Bunch have been integral to the development of my business for the last 6 years. Whether it has been designing an iconic logo for The Star of Bethnal Green pub, coming up with creative print and on-line campaigns for our mulletover events or creating a versatile website for our on-line magazine The Ransom Note, they have always come up with eye catching and creative designs. It is always a pleasure to work with Denis and his team.

    Rob Star

  • We went to Bunch as an existing business looking to re-brand our identity. With our new name, and a brief overview for Bunch, the team creatively went beyond our vision to create an identity we are very proud of.

    Leanne Robert-Hewitt

  • I have always been sceptical about advertising; which is why I have never felt the need for any and still don't.. After all, we've managed to survive the last decade without it. Bunch has certainly showed me that there's more to it than just a pretty advertisement and clever tag line. MTD is poetic, expressive and romantically beautiful. I had my doubts in the beginning, but I am now thoroughly impressed and hooked for more.

    Madam Kong Kum Moy
    Gold & Silver

  • Mulletover's promotional posters are a breath of fresh air, simplistic and fun in style, they are full of flair and expertly illustrate the eccentric outlandish nature of these hedonistic parties, the collectibles of the future for sure.

    One Week to Live Magazine