• What they say: Bunch have been integral to the development of my business for the last 6 years. Whether it has been designing an iconic logo for The Star of Bethnal Green pub, coming up with creative print and on-line campaigns for our mulletover events or creating a versatile website for our on-line magazine The Ransom Note, they have always come up with eye catching and creative designs. It is always a pleasure to work with Denis and his team.

    Rob Star

  • We went to Bunch as an existing business looking to re-brand our identity. With our new name, and a brief overview for Bunch, the team creatively went beyond our vision to create an identity we are very proud of.

    Leanne Robert-Hewitt

  • How can one not be happy. After a great five hours opening party you bring home an amazing poster you can frame, a catalogue which is a sort of a book about NY and a lovely hangover. All together spiced by the unbearable charm of Bunch.

    Mario Delic
    Cinematographer & Visual Media Artist

  • I've worked with Denis and the guys at Bunch on a variety of different projects over the last five years. I keep coming back for one simple reason. I can't get what they offer anywhere else-a mad mix of anarchy and artistry. If Che Guevara had used a Mac, he would have ended up somewhere like Bunch!

    Simon Frank

  • Mulletover's promotional posters are a breath of fresh air, simplistic and fun in style, they are full of flair and expertly illustrate the eccentric outlandish nature of these hedonistic parties, the collectibles of the future for sure.

    One Week to Live Magazine