• What they say: It was a pleasure to work with Bunch through the month long RBMA campaign. Bunch were responsible for all promotional materials and the majority of the venue branding concepts. We found Bunch to possess a very focussed creativity, an ability to work closely to a range of diverse briefs, and the willingness to adapt to changing client requirements within a framework that often contained very short deadlines.

    Dan Walsh
    Red Bull Company

  • Bunch have been integral to the development of my business for the last 6 years. Whether it has been designing an iconic logo for The Star of Bethnal Green pub, coming up with creative print and on-line campaigns for our mulletover events or creating a versatile website for our on-line magazine The Ransom Note, they have always come up with eye catching and creative designs. It is always a pleasure to work with Denis and his team.

    Rob Star

  • Bunch is cool because unless I've become a really bad judge of character overnight they're fundamentally really good people. There's a desire to want to make great work regardless of how hard that means working and an energy that is infectious. Plus the kids can design. This helps. Always.

    Andy Fowler
    Brothers and Sisters

  • Bunch proposed animating the distinctive logo in keeping with the scheduling genres. The end result is a 3D logo which dances, flies, paints, and preens itself in the mirror. Perfect to compliment our playful, fun programming and the cute appearance of the logo, both strengthen the branding and direct cute appeal to our young female demographic.

    Andrew Kidger
    Chello Zone

  • Working with Bunch was a singular experience for us while bringing a high end concept of luxury retail from the international point of view to a challenging Croatian market. These guys just made it happen for us in an utterly frank, creative and respectful manner. Cosmopolitan and therefore aiming exclusively towards the best, they shared with us not only criteria and standards, but also sincerity and ease. We are looking forward for new sparkles of excellence from these creative individuals we are happy to consider not only partners, but also friends.

    Institut Parfumeur Flores