• What they say: Bunch is cool because unless I've become a really bad judge of character overnight they're fundamentally really good people. There's a desire to want to make great work regardless of how hard that means working and an energy that is infectious. Plus the kids can design. This helps. Always.

    Andy Fowler
    Brothers and Sisters

  • I think they must have some kind of a brain scanner at Bunch, they seem to know exactly what you're after. Every time I worked with Bunch I never got what I wanted. I got much more.

    Kreso Kapulica
    Kapulica Studio

  • They don't come any cooler than Bunch.

    Andy Griffiths
    Diesel UK

  • Bunch collaborated with us to create several beguilingly beautiful 3D sequences to help rebrand Zone Fantasy. The pieces are visually enticing and infinitely watchable, ideal for the project. Bunch have proved themselves as versatile and clever designers which is why, of course, we chose to work with them on this and other projects.

    Graham McCallum

  • A part of the major corporate overhaul for Zonemedia, Bunch were asked to come up with distinctive branding for a new channel, Fantasy. The challenge was to create very original 3D idents and promo packaging. Each ident appeals by presenting familiar types of images but with new twists'taking the viewer beyond their imagination. Thanks (a) Bunch.

    Andrew Kidger
    Chello Zone