• What they say: Oh little star of Bethnal Green... In thy dark streets shineth, the everlasting light. Radiant, heavenly, omnipresent yet uniquely magnificent - stars present a genuinely common theme, visible to all, floating in the firmament all around the globe. So individual, yet so coherent. So Bunch-like.

    Malcolm Garrett, RDI

  • Dear Denis and Bunch,
    Thank you for your beautiful effort in producing a book based on "10 Things I've Learned". I'm amazed at the intelligence and energy that went into producing it and deeply appreciative of your performance. With humility and gratitude

    Milton Glaser

  • How can one not be happy. After a great five hours opening party you bring home an amazing poster you can frame, a catalogue which is a sort of a book about NY and a lovely hangover. All together spiced by the unbearable charm of Bunch.

    Mario Delic
    Cinematographer & Visual Media Artist

  • Bunch proposed animating the distinctive logo in keeping with the scheduling genres. The end result is a 3D logo which dances, flies, paints, and preens itself in the mirror. Perfect to compliment our playful, fun programming and the cute appearance of the logo, both strengthen the branding and direct cute appeal to our young female demographic.

    Andrew Kidger
    Chello Zone

  • Mulletover's promotional posters are a breath of fresh air, simplistic and fun in style, they are full of flair and expertly illustrate the eccentric outlandish nature of these hedonistic parties, the collectibles of the future for sure.

    One Week to Live Magazine